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Specialising in timber construction, Potter and Wood returns craftsmanship and quality to the Brisbane building industry. We understand that any building or renovation is a significant investment, so we take the time to choose materials based on design, era and weather to ensure the work we do maintains its aesthetic appeal and structural integrity for many years to come.

Materials selected by our team of qualified builders and carpenters are thoroughly considered to suit the design, era and harsh Brisbane weather.

We offer a range of building and carpentry services that include new homes, extensions, decks, carports, weatherboarding, restorations, flooring, fencing, custom carpentry and so much more. Please get in touch for your free quote.


Brisbane Builders

Brisbane Builder

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Whether you need a home or office built from the ground up or a renovation or an extension, the process can be a little daunting. Our team of builders can help the ‘tough calls’ become ‘no brainers’ by offering solid advice and astute project management.

Our services include renovations, second storey extensions, same level extensions, kitchens, bathrooms, verandas, decks and anything else you can put a nail in.

HOME renovations

Renovating is about refreshing, reviving and replenishing your property and is a fast way to increase the value of your home. Our team of Brisbane builders can assist you with major or minor renovations to your home to make it more liveable or sellable.

We select quality materials from reputable suppliers and can match them to your existing structure for discreet additions or repairs.

  • Replacing rotting timber
  • Extensions
  • Replacing cabinetry
  • Home face lifts
  • Kitchens and bathrooms

HOME extensions

Whether you need more room to live or more room to play, we can help you expand your home up or out. When doing second storey extensions or same storey extensions, we carefully study the structure that’s already in place and choose materials and adopt building techniques to match. The result is a beautifully integrated addition to your home (not an extra room that looks tacked on).

A self-contained bungalow made an excellent addition to accommodate guests at our client's home.

This new deck did wonders for the aesthetic of the house.

decks + verandahs

Call it a deck, veranda or balcony – it’s often the main living area for many Brisbane homeowners. That’s why we ensure our decks are as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional, and as durable as they are impressive. We carefully select our materials to withstand the harsh elements of Queensland weather and the wild festivities of friends and family.


kitchens + bathrooms

Revamping your wet areas is a sure fire way to notice a big improvement in your home. Our team works closely with designers, plumbers and homeowners to ensure we’re getting the most out of these all-important home showpieces.

Coming home to an inviting kitchen makes for a happier lifestyle all round. And nothing is more refreshing than enjoying a brand new, clean bathroom.

structural timber & STEEL framing

We can help you out, creating framing for your dream home or your extension. Using carefully selected materials, we ensure the structure is sturdy, durable and will withstand the harsh environmental changes Queensland likes to throw at it.